Camp Garrett 2020 Weekly Themes




Wednesday Dress Up

Week 1

6/22 – 6/26

Express Yourself!

Learn how to be YOU at Camp Garrett! Let’s find our voices and meet our community through art, dance, active listening and teamwork.

Dress up in your favorite color, craziest hat, favorite outfit! Wear what makes you feel like your best self!

Week 2

6/29 – 7/2


Buggin’ Out

We’re going to learn all about the critters that are alive and thrive in our own backyard!

Put on your antennae, compound glasses, and wings to celebrate our many-legged friends!

Week 3

7/6 – 7/10

The Glory of Story

Everyone has a story to tell! Let’s learn about the many histories and backgrounds at Camp Garrett through games, folktales, and food!   

Do you have a favorite story teller or historical figure? Or maybe an ancestor you’d like to honor? Or maybe a favorite book character?

Week 4

7/13 – 7/17

Community Week

Meet new friends, pay it forward, and make a difference!

Dress up like your hero! Will you be a great leader, a teacher, a chef, or even your favorite activist?

Week 5

7/20 – 7/24

Move It!

Let’s move! We’re going to stretch, run, dribble, and jump our way to our highest potential!

Do you have a favorite sports icon or Olympian you can dress like? Or a leader who made moves in your community?

Week 6

7/27 – 7/31

Cool Science

In the heat of the summer, we’re going to explore what happens when things get chilly with ice, water, and maybe some liquid nitrogen!

Grab your lab coats and glasses, and even your best pocket protector!

Week 7

8/3 – 8/7

Spirit Week

Are you on Team Red or are you Team Blue! Root for your color and shout WOOHOO!

Rep your color. Face paint, wigs and bandanas are welcome!

Week 8

8/10 – 8/14

Talent Show: 8/12 at 2:30 PM in the ballroom

Time Travelers

We’ll be going back in time and even into the future for our Talent Show inspiration this year!

Check with your Counselors if your group is dressing a particular way for the Talent Show on Wednesday!

Week 9

8/17 – 8/21

The Great Camp Garrett Mystery

Get ready for the scavenger hunt mystery of your life! Collect clues and work together to figure out whodunit!

Detective hats, magnifying glasses, or even some CLUE-inspired attire is welcome!

Week 10

8/24 – 8/28

Up, Up, and Away

Let’s take off from a great summer with aeronautics and flight. We wish you a safe landing in another fantastic school year!

Calling all Amelia Earharts, Bessie Colemans, Wright Brothers, and Katherine Johnsons! We need pilots, astronauts and engineers, oh my!