Meet the Animals

The Farm Animals at Garrett Williamson are here for educational purposes. Youth and their family members help care for and ensure the safety and well-being of these animals. Their hard work allows us the opportunity to utilize these animals for unique, hands-on educational opportunities and experiences.

While the Farm Animals are here to for us to learn, the GW Farm is regularly closed to the public. We do offer recurring, public events throughout the year. Visit the Farm Program page to find out how you can visit, engage with, and support our educational programs.

In the meantime, scroll down to learn more about our year-round residents and how they engage learners of every age!


There are two types of Alpacas – Huacaya and Suri; here at Garrett Williamson, we have both!

  • Ruby is a Suri Alpaca. She is approximately 14 years old and is one of our two brown Alpacas. She has straight, white tufts of hair on her head.
  • Gerty is a Huacaya Alpaca. She is approximately 14 years old and is our other brown Alpaca. You can tell her apart from Ruby as she has curly hair and funky, long teeth.
  • Roxy is our other Huacaya Alpaca and is approximately 13 years old. However, she has black, curly fur, like Gerty, on her head.

The Alpacas tend to be shy but enjoy teaching students how to be patient and calm around others, including the Farm Animals. They also teach us about fiber for clothing and their manure is used as compost in our Educational Garden! 


Garrett Williamson has two horses – Flash and Willow. While Flash is retired from riding, the horses regularly support farm programming in other ways.

Flash is the white, Arabian gelding (male horse) and is 35 years old! Arabian horses originated from the Arabian Peninsula and are known for their endurance; Flash used to be a Show Jumper! But he now enjoys helping students to feel (and be) safe and comfortable around him, Willow, and the other Farm Animals.

Willow is the Chestnut mare (female horse) and is considered a Quarter-Pony at 14.2 hands tall. (Horses are generally taller than 14.2 hands.) You may see Willow with a green or black muzzle during the summer & fall months. This muzzle still allows her to graze but slows down how much grass she eats; she can get sick from the sugar in the grass if she eats too much. When not grazing, Willow enjoys teaching students how to greet animals and remind them why it’s important we not feed Farm Animals snacks. 


The sheep at Garrett Williamson teach us many things, including breeding and flock management. They also support our farm programming, introducing students to the Barn rules.

We currently have eight ewes (adult female) and four lambs (baby sheep). Depending on the time of year, we may also have a ram (adult male) in with the ewes. Every year, from late January to early March, the ewes give birth. Chore members help care for and support the ewes during lambing season (the time frame when the babies are all born)! And for some lucky students, they may have the chance to meet a lamb shortly after it has been born! 


You may also encounter Scotchie, our Farm Cat. He has lived at the Ranch House, with Farmer Nicole and Mr. Paul, for over three years. Scotchie also loves to galivant, show-off, and socialize with the Garrett’s Way students and other visitors at the Farm. His favorite pastime is hunting, which allows him to keep an eye on his Farm Animal Friends. As a Farm Cat, Scotchie also keeps the Farm Animals & humans safe from pests like rats and mice!